500 Words

One of the highlights of the year for the English Department is the 500 Word Story Competition. It is run alongside the BBC competition with children entering their stories to both the national competition as well as our own in-house competition.

500 Words Winners

Creative Writing

Every child from Year 3 to Year 6 takes part in 500 Words. It is a chance for them to write about anything they choose… and believe us they do. No constraints of being given a title, a setting or a starting sentence - free rein is given! They can write about their own interests, explore their deepest imaginations and journey through their own wonderful ideas.

Winners, runners up and highly commended awards are given in each year group. These pupils are then recognised in our ‘500 Word’ assembly, with the winning stories being read out to the whole school. The children are always supportive of each other and sit listening intently to the worlds the other children have created.

It is a wonderful competition which celebrates creativity and imagination, giving the children a chance to take ownership of their own work. From outer space to the Chess Board, from dark forests to apocalyptic scenes - puppy dogs, bespectacled monkeys, mad scientists, along with a whole host of other characters, have been on adventures in Prep. It is something the children look forward to, as do we, the teachers, who get to read their wonderful creations.