Food matters enormously. Nutrition is so important in the early years. Tastes are formed and the biggest growth period in a child's life happens - we provide great food to fuel this.


We provide the children with a healthy breakfast of wholemeal toast and a variety of cereals and full fat milk. Snacks of fresh fruit are offered in the morning and afternoon. Drinks are always available.

Lunch ingredients are locally sourced and meals are prepared from scratch by our chef in the Berkhampstead kitchens using fresh ingredients. Our meat comes from the excellent Peter Jeffries butcher just across town in Charlton Kings.

Well Balanced

Eating is a social occasion and our dining rooms allow children to sit and eat together. They learn good manners, learn to share and to try new flavours. Their natural curiosity is encouraged and they increasingly explore tastes and smells.

Meals are designed to provide a well-balanced and nutritious diet across the week. Our caterers ensure that food is fresh and of high quality; all ingredients are traceable.

Menus are planned to be healthy and tasty including a wide variety of flavours, with fruit and veg featuring in each meal. Special diets can be catered for.

Real food doesn’t have ingredients, real food is ingredients.

— Jamie Oliver


Children are offered afternoon tea at 4pm; tea is a variety of meals, for example, baked beans on wholemeal toast, wholemeal pitta breads with humous, vegetable soup, salads and finger foods, depending on age.

From time to time the children prepare food, bake (then sample!) and have fun doing taste tests.

They (the children) demonstrate independence during mealtimes…serving themselves lunch.

— ISI Inspection Report