If you want more than the normal school day for your child, you've come to the right place. There's lots on offer!

All pupils, including the younger children, are enthusiastic and eager to participate in activities that are made available, and so so with great enjoyment.

— ISI Report, Apr 2017

Prep Clubs

The wide range of clubs on offer here at Berky provide something for everyone. Sports clubs include Running, Rugby, Hockey, (for boys and girls), Football, (for boys and girls), Netball, Rounders, Cricket and Fencing, and there is also Drama, Chess, Yoga, Mandarin and Art.

Since 90% of pupils learn at least one instrument by the time they are in Year 5, there are ensembles galore to perform with: Berky Bows, Percussion groups, Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, Chamber Ensemble, Keyboard Orchestra, Guitar Club, Junior Choir and VoxBox (Senior Choir). We also have the very popular Jigsaw - our beginners’ ensemble, which has fun putting the ‘pieces’ (instruments) together section by section to make up the whole piece of music.

The excellent extra-curricular programme is both exciting and varied and broadens the pupils’ creative and physical experiences.

— ISI Report


Hugely popular at Berkhampstead, the Chess Clubs run twice weekly for Year 3 onwards. We enjoy huge success regionally and children regularly qualify for National competitions. We field both an A and B team for fixtures, host our own congress and play for fun - lots of chess is played recreationally. Our two chess sheds in the Prep playground, provided by the PTA, are well-used as children brush up their skills at breaktime.

We are delighted to be the venue for the Musketeers Chess Club. Musketeers is the largest and longest running children’s chess club in Gloucestershire and is very successful - it dominates county competitions and is noted nationally. The Musketeers are a friendly bunch who welcome all abilities. They meet at Berkhampstead from 7.30-9.00pm on Fridays during term time. Sessions feature ladder matches, individual and group coaching and, of course, lots of chess!

Pre-Prep Clubs

There’s plenty on offer for all to enjoy. A rich balance of music and sport gives opportunity for children to pursue their interests. Clubs vary term by term and include: Ukulele group - ‘Strum It!’ Percussion group - ‘Crash, Bang, Wallop!’ SupaStrikers football Club, Ballet, Maths Games Club, Chess Club and the ever popular Drama Clubs.

Gardening Club takes place in the Pre-Prep Wildlife Garden…wellies and raincoats are often needed…enthusiasm is always plentiful! Sketch Club also base themselves in the garden and have produced some lovely nature-inspired pieces.