Bear Cubs

As your baby first experiences the world, everything is amazing! Bright and airy, colourful and cosy, our Baby Suite - the Bear Cubs' Room - is specially designed for our tiniest (from 3 months). Filled with toys to develop the senses, there are lots of places to explore - it's a real 'home from home.’

Babies are encouraged to develop their senses through sensory baskets and music and by gentle interactions: talking, singing and ‘peek-a-boo’ fun. All babies have one-to-one time with their Key Person and trusting and caring relationships develop. Tummy time is gently introduced as babies become ready.

Lots of tender, loving care surrounds the children - your baby’s needs will be catered for and individual routines maintained. Dedicated rooms, with cots for sleeping, mean that your child gets the rest that he or she needs and can enjoy their time with us.

One of the key factors we have always loved about Berky is the ‘family’ atmosphere….played a major part in Harry’s happiness and helped to shape his caring/fun personality.

— Current parent.

The Bear Cubs have their own ‘in-room’ dining area, with highchairs for babies and tiny tables and chairs for the Under 2s.

From the start, we make mealtimes a social occasion, where manners are gently introduced and healthy food and snacks are enjoyed. Food is made from scratch on site and a varied and tasty menu is served. Nutrition page.

A Daily Diary will keep you completely up to date with feeds, routines and your baby’s progress, so you’ll know all about their day.

Extremely effective care practices support children’s emotional security and the development of their character, so that children feel safe and happy in a secure environment.”

— ISI Report, December 2019

Curious and ready to do more, there’s plenty to explore as children become ready - there’s so much for our Bear Cubs to discover!

The wet play area and role-play equipment mean that there’s lots available for fun! Creativity is encouraged and imaginations fired.

Experiencing the joys of paint, sand and play dough - not necessarily together - is just some of what the toddlers can do!

Outside play is so important and our lovely garden is just the place to do lots of that! Our separate area for the very smallest gives little ones a safe place to play and explore and to scamper in the fresh air.

Music, role-play and ‘Small World;’ movement and co-ordination games are important features of daily life as the children become ready for them. The comfy Book Corner means that story-times are a real treat and that a love of books, of listening and sharing is developed.

There’s that important time for quiet too, with sleep being prioritised when it’s needed - your child’s routine matters and we’ll do our very best to keep to it.