Cuddly Bears

Our lovely Cuddly Bears - toddlers aged 18-24 months - have such fun together. They're at that lovely 'in-between' stage where so much is possible. Expertly supported in a warm environment, they experiment and master exciting new skills.

Playing Together

Art and creativity play a big part here and there’s time and space to have fun with paint, collage and drawing, to make marks and to manage brushes and sponges, potatoes and other materials.

Stories and songs with lots of actions develop communication. Children grow confident, are given the time to listen and are listened to. They come to love repetition, learn to anticipate and giggle along!

Growing up

On a more practical note, beakers are exchanged for open cups, plates and knives and forks are used rather than spoons and the Cuddly Bears begin to learn how to care for themselves, to wash hands and become more independent.

Play matters enormously at this stage and there’s lots of it - it’s sociable too and the important ideas of sharing and collaboration are introduced.

Very nurturing and supportive staff create a welcoming and homely environment where children can achieve well.

— ISI Inspection report

Let’s get out!

Spontaneity is encouraged and our flexible approach allows the toddlers’ interests to be followed and for lots of outside time when the weather is kind. And sometimes when it’s not…splashing around in puddles, wallowing in wellies and dancing in the drizzle are not unheard of!

Of course then it’s back to the Cuddly Bears’ base to get dry and comfortable again and to talk about the adventures!