Fuzzy Bears

What a lot of fun the Fuzzy Bears (aged 24-30 months) have! They've grown so much and are eager to keep adding to their skills - there are so many ways for them to do this.


Circle Time is special and encourages socialising and turn-taking; the children enjoy the routines we establish for registration - finding their photographs and placing them to show that they are present.

They become familiar with the days of the week, chat readily about the weather (in that very English way) and build confidence with lots of action songs.

Our Fuzzy Bears are full of curiosity, they learn to love Maths and to solve problems. Puzzles are very popular. They play readily with shapes and we count at any opportunity - our talking turtles help to bring the subject to life and operating these is always fun!

Children’s achievements and progress exceed age-related expectations in all areas of learning.

— ISI Inspection Report

Doing more

Increasingly able to concentrate, the children have a wide range of activities to choose from, enjoying play dough, using tools, gluing and sticking.

The home corner comes into its own as this age love to imitate the behaviour they see around them - in the doctors’ surgery, the vet, the police station or the shop.

As always at Berkhampstead, our Fuzzy Bears are often outdoors enjoying the wonderful green space and fresh air - the mud kitchen and large-scale building equipment are particular favourites!

Growing up

Much more capable, they venture down to the ‘big boys and girls’ dining room for meals; proper cutlery is now used and they socialise with the older children. Sharing is encouraged and appropriate behaviour at the table is promoted. More on nutrition.

As their understanding of the world grows, they explore more widely and become ready to join the bigger children - the next step.